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“This album has a fresh and nostalgic feel to it. It’s really hard to explain because it is hitting some personal heart strings for me”.
Lizzy Evensen



For the multi-talented and accomplished country-rock musician, Russell Lee, music is a true calling and a fundamental way of life. Embracing the power found when honest song writing meets professional musicianship; this hard-working musician has released three well-received albums, along with a new music video, and all this while entertaining Canadian audiences with the help of some very talented bandmates during Russell Lee’s highly regarded live shows.

While living in Nova Scotia back in 2005, Russell wrote and recorded his first album titled “In The Night”. While receiving some serious radio airplay, it wasn’t only the music that found itself wanting to travel much further, and in 2008 Russell moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba, where he continues to write and play music today.

In September 2014, he released his second album titled “What Do I Do” and has been busy promoting this emotionally charged and beautifully honest album.

Not one to rest too long on his previous projects, Russell Lee went back into the recording studio in 2015 and came out with a brand-new Christmas album titled “Songs Of Christmas

2017 was a year to remember for Russell Lee. performing a full set-list on the main stage at Canada’s longest running country music festival at Dauphin, Manitoba Countryfest, an honor not many musicians get to share, Russell also released two powerful new singles back to back (Picture and Meant To be), with the music video for Picture capturing over 700,000 views!

Staying true to his love of playing live music, this diverse country/folk/rock musician has been keeping busy reaching out to his fans by playing a multitude of live shows, which include venues such as Park Theater, the Lyric Stage Assiniboine Park, Fabulous 50’s Car show, and many others.

Now in 2018, Russell Lee has released his beautifully crafted new song called “First Time”, as well as being asked to play Dauphin Countryfest once again! It is clear, that the music Russell has been creating has been resonating with his growing audience, and that there is no sign of his music career slowing down.

It is not uncommon to hear fans of Russell Lee’s music mention the amount of heart and soul that can be heard in every song that he writes and plays, and when it comes to great music, that is exactly what is needed to create music worth listening to.






Russell Lee

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