About Russell Lee


A guitar, a beat, the beautiful Nova Scotia backdrop, and a desire to tell stories from the heart, is how the multi-talented and accomplished Canadian born, Country-Rock singer-songwriter, Russell Lee started on his music journey.
In 2005 Russell Lee wrote and recorded his first album titled ‘In The Night’.
Going on to reach major radio airplay, it wasn’t only the music that desired to travel further, and in 2008 Russell found himself making the move to Winnipeg, Manitoba, and it is there where he would dive even further into his songwriting and live performances.

In September 2014, Russell Lee released his follow up album titled ‘What Do I Do’, and it was here that his music inspirations could truly be heard. Tapping into what he picked up from his love of the great artists like Blue Rodeo, Alabama, and The Eagles, making sure to put his authentic and personal signature on every note played on the album. An album highlight is the release of single ‘Picture’, impressively capturing over 1,000,000 views on YouTube!

It was at this time that Russell was asked to play the world-renowned and Canada’s longest-running country music festival, Dauphin Countryfest, which was to be followed up with repeat performances (one on the Main Stage) an honor shared with the likes of Lady Antebellum, Keith Urban, Thomas Rhett, Dwight Yoakam and other major players in the music industry.

It was in 2015 that Russell would expand his music horizons with approaching the idea of a Christmas album in the style he was gaining attention for. ‘Songs of Christmas’ fast became the album that many listeners would choose to add to their Christmas music collections, as it brought something fresh and new to the songs, without straying too far from the source material respectively.

2019 saw a new album from Russell titled ‘Meant To Be’ that combined a couple previously released singles, along with brand new ones that pushed the creative envelope for what Russell Lee had previously released. With the lead single ‘Amazing’ reaching the #5 spot on the UK HotDisc 2019 Top 40 charts, a return showcase at Dauphin Countryfest, and a collective 7 nominations previously at the MCMA (Manitoba Country Music Awards), there has been no signs of slowing down for the hard-working Russell Lee.

It is not uncommon to hear the many fans of Russell Lee’s music mention the amount of heart and soul that can be heard in every song that he writes, and the amount of showmanship he brings whenever he plays live. Russell Lee is widely known for his love of playing for an appreciative audience and finding true inspiration in the support from all his fans.
Focusing on his desire to create deeply meaningful country-rock-pop songs, Russell is a true musicians-musician, the type of songwriter not afraid to dig deep and share those emotions with his audience.

Moving into 2020, Russell has his eyes set on producing more music and playing many more live shows.

“This album has a fresh and nostalgic feel to it. It’s really hard to explain because it is hitting some personal heart strings for me.” Lizzy Evensen, The Artist View Magazine

“Russell Lee is building his career not off of catchy singles, but songs that straddle the lines between emotional substance and commercial aptitude, making him a bright spot in his genre.”   TUNELOUD

“Russell Lee is a natural-born storyteller with a penchant for great melodies and earnest lyricism.”   THE BANDCAMP DIARIES

“It’s like a shot of penicillin for the soul. It’ll heal your aches and pains and gives you a shot of happiness to start the day.”  NASHVILLE MUSIC GUIDE

About Russell Lee