Bitdefender Antivirus 2012 Review

Bitdefender Antivirus 2012 is an antivirus application for Windows XP/7/Vista. Even though it’s priced similarly to additional antivirus suites, also it includes various additional features typically contained only in full-scale security solutions. The program includes a free trial and costs $39.95 once it expires. One very convenient characteristic of Bitdefender antivirus is its own autopilot mode.

This setting only allows Bitdefender to operate on the desktop without bothering you. The program conducts scans and blocks malware however it does so gently. Instead, the user may disable autopilot style and tinker with much more advanced settings to accomplish the degree of security they desire. Bitdefender antivirus scores exceptionally well on performance evaluations conducted by independent testing labs.

Actually, Bitdefender received the VB100 award in 90 percent of its own last evaluations. The 10 percent that it fudged was because of false-positive results rather than an inability to discover the malware. Bitdefender antivirus features an extremely trendy”rescue” mode, which is started on demand and enables the consumer to save CD performance without needing to replicate the image on CD.

Additionally, it will come with its own rescue disc. Lately, some antivirus applications have difficulty installing because of present malware over your user computer. Bitdefender antivirus 2012, however, provides the consumer with no such hassle. Bitdefender antivirus 2012 is still among the very flexible and powerful antimalware suites available on the marketplace but it’s a system hog. Aside from occupying nearly a gigabyte of space along with plenty of RAM, its own system scan may take some time to finish.

Nonetheless, these lengthy scans are usually the consequence of malware in the first location. Scans on fresh PCs finished in considerably shorter intervals. Like most of its rivals, Bitdefender scores around a 4 when seeking to discover pre-existing risks for your computer. It scores likewise on rootkit evaluations and rootkit elimination. Its capacity to clean away scareware, nevertheless, is pristine, scoring 100 percent detection recent evaluation.

Bitdefender softly uninstalls and destroys malware with no visual appeal of deflecting and unnecessary alarms. Among the most striking features that include this app is its own privacy protection capacities. When most antivirus apps book website security attributes because of their full-size variants, Bitdefender antivirus 2012 comes with it into its normal edition. Phishing is an important concern when browsing the net and Bitdefender outperformed a few high of the lineup security options! Bitdefender is very complete and includes many intriguing features, among which are browsing. This permits you to start a digital internet surfing session in which malware is left completely useless. If you’d like a hands-off antivirus solution with a lot of attributes, Bitdefender Antivirus 2012 is still among the best choices out there.